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Buying a car from Fast Track and dealing with the owner Sheila is fun, but we didn’t buy the car. Price started at 320.000 peso for an old 2000 Toyota Hilux 4×4 Special Edition, and we managed to secure a 22% discount on the price, but decided to let the deal pass and find something newer. The car ran great but had some minor defects needing repair before it would suit our purpose. Fun to ride, when down on Panay every 3-4 month and able to go the extra mile (staying in piece) on stone and gravel roads, where you would never get your Ferrari racing across the first end of paved road and onto the gravel. Just to bumpy but fun if you are in a 4×4.
On not really knowing what we wanted on our search for a great car we started on looking at almost new Ford Focus 1.8 Ghia from 2006 and only 33.000Km on the odometer, set at 550.000 Peso “lang”, the Philippine word for only. A lot a car at great price compared to and old Toyota Corolla 1,3 heap from 1991, no km record, layers of paint we not able to count, but a price of 160.000 peso.
We also saw a Honda CRV 2007 at 950.000 peso, and the best bargin a Nissan Teranno 2001, 153.000km at 320.000 peso and it really ran perfectly and no faults at all, but we where to slow, sold before we could return our bid. If you want to buy a car in the Philippines 30% down and then maybe you can get the rest in the bank, but cash is best here. But be sure to bargin on the price, big discounts on having cash, is a sure thing.

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