We visited a Vulcanizing Shop in Panay

During our stay in the Philippines, we drove around on the island of Panay. On going out from the city limits, with direction into the mountains, our car needed some simple air in the tires. So what else to do, than to stop, at the local vulcanizing shop. and have then start the only electrical machine they had, a compressor.
The sign says all. Not a big deal but they have service hours like nowhere else 24/7. Not many tools, but they can repair most 4 wheels drives, trucks and jeepney´s. I would not recommend to let them touch your Porsche, but they probably never seen one anyway. Most European cars are not part of the street picture of Panay and for sure not the ones we would normally write about here on Car Collector’s Choice.
We don’t recommend this tire repair on your 250 Km/hour car, but great for saving money on your bulldozer. By the way we paid 20 peso for the work and service done, something like 40 US cents. It costs 30 peso for flag down on a taxi, so this was at great cost compared

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