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On our stay over in Hong Kong we were out looking for a place to stay and set up our office, the one we have now is too small, and on walking up the hills we where all of a sudden in car repair valley. 5-10 small workshops, each the size of a small garage and each with their own specialty. No room for any big American cars and I would have trouble in getting around in the workshop without bashing my head, but what we saw, was happy people and customers at ease. Taxi’s coming in and going out again. Dents, overhaul, paint shop they have it. On top a small village of people buzzing around their normal lives, most not owning a car, for in Hong Kong you on’t need one. Easier to take the tram 2 HKG$, bus or subway about 7 HGK$ going from North Point to Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island. Flag down on a taxi 18 HKG$ about 3 US$ and the same trip as before about 30 HKG$. If you have a car, you have to pay 1.500 HKG$ a month in North Point for a bed for the car.
In Hong Kong, you find all the nicest cars from around the world, but for car, collectors note they are right hand stirred like the rest of any former UK territory. And yes the old Toyota Crown still lives as Taxi’s here in Hong Kong, but they are all new, nice and run on LPG

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