For the uninitiated,

the world of automobiles and its colloquialisms
can often be puzzling. While the automotive
industry’s jargon is vast and seemingly unending,
we hope to acquaint you with the most imperative
terms in reference to car types with this piece.

We visited a Vulcanizing Shop in Panay

During our stay in the Philippines, we drove around on the island of Panay. On going out from the city limits, with direction into the mountains, our car needed some simple air in the tires.
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We visited a Car Dealer

Buying a car from Fast Track and dealing with the owner Sheila is fun, but we didn’t buy the car. Price started at 320.000 peso for an old 2000 Toyota Hilux 4×4 Special Edition, and we managed to secure a 22% discount on the price,
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We visited a workshop

On our stay over in Hong Kong we were out looking for a place to stay and set up our office, the one we have now is too small, and on walking up the hills we where all of a sudden in car repair valley. 5-10 small workshops,
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